Get Pricing for Your Next Test and Tag Inspection in Melbourne

After many years of experience of serving both new and existing customers we identified one of the biggest problems for a business is understanding the number of/volume of appliances in the workplace which needed to be tagged.

During a phone call, it is challenging for the business to recall all the items.  As a result, many would simply not be mentioned either because the business didn’t realise these should be included or they simply forgot.


Avoid Price Shock on Your Next Quote

Think through your workplace and list out first the rooms/workspaces, not forgetting any kitchen or rec room. It is then far easier to list out the appliances in each room for tagging. You’ll be one step closer to closing the pricing gap between quote and bill and:

  • Our quote for your test and tag inspection will be far more accurate
  • We are able to anticipate a more accurate amount of time required on-site to conduct the work.


It’s a Win Win!

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