Local Test and Tag Appliance Testing in Dandenong

Whatever your type of business in the Dandenong area, RKH Test and Tag is your most reputed service provider for electrical tagging.

Whether you’re a factory, warehouse, school, college, small or medium enterprise, we provide top notch test and tag services and are the most cost-effective team in Melbourne’s Southern and South Eastern suburbs.

Are you a large commercial premise in need of a health and safety partner – we can help!

RKH Test and Tag provides testing of all portable electrical appliances for Dandenong businesses.

Help your business meet health and safety obligations. Keep your employees safe. Call RKH Test and Tag now for a fast quote and reliable service.

Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia and is about 29 km south-east from the Melbourne CBD. Situated on the Dandenong Creek, the city of Greater Dandenong is home to approximately 168,000 people the most culturally diverse community in Victoria.

This cultural diversity is one of the reasons we love working in “The ‘Nong” or “Dandy” as some locals like to call it!

Manufacturing Appliance tag and test Dandenong

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Electrical Test and Tag Service Dandenong

Dandenong’s Growing Industrial Sector

The Greater Dandenong area has a significantly high proportion of manufacturing, wholesale, retail and transport businesses relative to other parts of Melbourne. There are a number of extensive industrial precincts.

Manufacturing is the largest industry and accounts for half of Greater Dandenong’s output, employing over 30% of the total workforce. The suburb of Dandenong itself hosts Amazon’s first fulfillment centre in Australia.

Dandenong has a 30% higher GRP (Gross Regional Product) output than Melbourne’s GSP (State Product) per capita. The Dandenong region is also one of Australia’s most significant and productive industrial areas.

As a result, our tag and test services are in high demand in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs bringing us to the area frequently, our base in Carrum only 20 mins away. It’s amusing that many tourists confuse Dandenong with the Dandenong Ranges – these two significant areas of Melbourne could not be more different to each other!

OH&S Compliance in Dandenong

Are you a business owner in Dandenong or considering opening a small business in South Melbourne? The OH&S compliance requires that all commercial operators in Dandenong must get all portable electrical items tagged.

Compliance is the initial step of all business owners in regard to electrical tagging. However, as a business owner in Dandenong, it is important to know that the responsibility doesn’t stop there. There are maintenance requirements with electrical tag and testing just as there are with many other components of a business.

The electrical tagging services we provide at RKH Test & Tag allow you to ensure your electrical appliances are safe in the long-term. This is due to the fact that electrical appliances do become worn by everyday use. Even electrical appliances that are not used regularly but are still continually plugged in, are at risk of damage.

RKH Test & Tag can ensure that all electrical tag and testing in your business in Dandenong is secure and safe. We take care of this by creating a customised plan to suit the specific needs of your business and then follow a maintenance schedule to ensure everything is working at optimal levels.

Dandenong Factory Appliance Testing

Test and Tag technology in Dandenong and Melbourne South

Due to the latest technology at RKH Test & Tag, we are now able to document and keep a record of all service and maintenance testing for your business. This means one less headache for you, as a business owner, to be concerned about. All records are kept secure in our database and are accessible to you at any time.

Your Trusted Health and Safety Partner in Dandenong

When an electrical item becomes unsafe the impact can be catastrophic. Not only is there a high risk of fire, but also injury or even death of employees. Not to mention the disruption to business and loss of income for many. RKH Test & Tag Dandenong is dedicated to protecting your business and its employees with our dedicated team of workers. Whatever your workplace, wholesale, retail, gym or fitness studio we can help and give you peace of mind. 

Affordable Testing and Tagging Cost in the Greater Dandenong Area, including Keysborough and Noble Park

At RKH Test & Tag, we provide an easy to understand pricing structure that saves you time and energy. Our efficient online quoting process makes it easy for you to log items to be tagged and helps us to quote more accurately. Once everything is listed, we can easily schedule in the appropriate amount of time to complete the job on site.

Our pricing start as low as $100 for up to 10 appliances and $125 for no more than 20.
The more appliances you have, the greater the savings will be! Bulk tagging of over 500 items cost just $4 per appliance.


Businesses found to be Non-Compliant can be prosecuted for breaching Worksafe rules and face very hefty fines. With both these factors in mind, a routine tag and test inspection is an invaluable investment.


Safety is not the only incentive for keeping up to date with Testing and Tagging.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Since 2012 RKH Test & Tag has built up an exemplary reputation with businesses in the Greater Dandenong area. We’ve put the safety of others in the workplace at the heart & soul of our business.

Our Long-Term Clients in Dandenong:

We have many local long-term clients in the Dandenong region. We are proud to service these businesses as they provide outstanding services of their own to the greater region of Keysborough & Noble Park and all of South Melbourne.

Budget Car & Truck Rentals, Dandenong

In addition to the Budget Car Rental retail outlet, RKH also services Budget’s Mechanical and Panel Beater workshops.

Skillinvest, Dandenong

A training facility for apprentices in the Building, Mechanical & Hairdressing industries as well as a non-traditional school/vocational based learning facility.

Skillinvest Dandenong also partners with SEDA College for sports performance & development based vocational programs.

We love the opportunity to stop by this amazing multicultural industrious city.
We are a family business and therefore we love to work around our clients. We offer services outside of business hours for your convenience by prior arrangement if required – just another way we love to service the Dandenong region.

Whilst we never have time to linger for a movie at the Dandenong Drive In we do relish the opportunity to grab some yummy authentic Indian street food for our lunch. Our favourite is the signature dish “Pav Bhaji” at the infamous Honest Dandenong restaurant. You really have to try it!

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